The foundations of my current existence reside in two previous projects.

Hesitating was a group blog initiated by my dear friend and Wired editor Keith. We begun publication in the spring of 2006, drawing in a loose confederation of like-minded souls through casual pizza and beer parties. Ground rules called for nonfiction essays but little structure lay beyond that threshold. Over time interest in participation waned, and sadly, two years later, Hesitating suffered a slow and lonely death. The posts I’m most proud of or comfortable with are archived here.

Anxiety Neurosis was a reaction to having no outlet for my feverish mind in the wake of Hesitating’s collapse. No group, no rules, no direction. Personal anecdotes rode shotgun to researched essays while book or movie reviews crowded the sidelines. I began publishing posts in the autumn of 2008 and continued until the summer of 2009 when preparations to move to Paris, and attempts to carve out bylines in respectable corners of the internet, took priority. I’ve cut out the book and movie reviews and archived my better pieces here.